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To put it simply... I'm A Beer Chick. My idea of a glass of bubbly does not Champagne make and I'm proud to say it. Beer's not just for guys, and this blog is about a sisterhood of beer loving chicks getting together to celebrate all that is flavorful, cold, bubbly, and glorious about it.

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Sour Beer from Ithaca….

So in beer news today I was reading up on Ithaca Brute. Looks like the upstate NY brewery Ithaca Beer Company has put together a much anticipated sour ale called Brute 2010. I’ve only heard amazing things about the sour beer trend and I’m hoping this is a great place to start so I’ll be hunting this beer down in the NY/NJ area.

It looks like Ithaca will begin serving and shipping the beer this Friday July 30th, according to “Ithaca made 250 cases, half of which will be for sale at the brewery retail store with a one case limit per customer. The other half is being allocated to Ithaca’s local market, NYC, Boston and Philadelphia. Brute should be hitting shelves within a couple of weeks depending upon when each wholesaler takes their next load.”

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Beer News: Wikileaks Reveal Poisoned Beer Plot?

Who knew our beer was under siege?

While I’m still not solid on the validity of the Wikileaks content or the efficacy of leaking the thousands of documents they set free to the interwebs, I find it interesting that beer is among the plots discovered. So your odd beer news for the day.

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Broads that Boast Brew

For most gals a glass of bubbly is served with a stem. For these broads we’re happy to have ours in a pint, stein, or mug.

From choice beers to watering holes, recipes to food pairings, the goal of this blog is to celebrate all that is brewed, bubbly, flavorful, and glorious about kicking back a cold one with your gals.

While the personalities featured on this blog will range from girlie to artsy, loud and brash to quiet and pensive, we all share one passion… making the love of great beer more accessible to women everywhere.

Bare with us while we get things set up and moving over the next few weeks, we’ll have a regular blogging schedule up and running shortly.

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